How to plan for a financially successful year

Plan your year and stay on track

Not sure where to start? Have big goals...but not quite sure what they are? Or how to break them down?

I used to panic when other business owners talked about projections, forecasting, and really anything related to their business finances. I loved the idea of having a strategy, but I never made it quite far enough to have all this information.

I had a true first world problem: I wasn't struggling to pay my bills, so I wasn't really focusing on my finances. I knew I was making enough to make ends meet, so I just hid under the sheets when it came to anything past that.

I used to not be able to answer questions like:

  1. How much revenue will you bring in in the month of March?
  2. How many months could you survive without income right now?
  3. What's your business's value 5 years from now?
  4. Do you even know how much you're making this month?

Feeling familiar? Maybe a little attacked even?

This mini course walks you through the exact process I use to plan a year that's filled with happiness, fulfillment, projects I actually enjoy on a timeline I love, and most importantly: the revenue I need to keep going.

You will learn:

  • How I set intentions instead of goals
  • The energy mapping process that makes for a breathable year
  • The motherload spreadsheet I use to plan, strategize, organize, and track my entire year worth of projects

Sound good? I thought so too!

Please note: Pricing options are available on a Pay-What-You-Can system. There will never be judgement made for your choice. I simply ask you choose honestly and respectfully.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. If purchasing the lowest priced option on the 'Pay-What-You-Can' scale, the course will only be accessible for 30 days. You can start the course as soon as you purchase it. It is a completely self-paced mini course - you decide when you start and when you finish. You're welcome to revisit it as often as you like!
What if I am unhappy with the mini course?
Due to the format and accessibility of the course components, there is a no refund policy. Please take advantage of asking questions in the comment sections if you feel you're getting stalled at any point when trying to use the spreadsheet for yourself.
Can I become an affiliate?
Please contact [email protected] or comment 'I want to become an affiliate!' on the last lesson of the course once you've completed it. Affiliates can receive discounts on other products and/or monetary compensation for their referrals.
Why are there different prices?
I've created a 'Pay-What-You-Can' system with options for all income levels. Please be respectful and make your choice out of the goodness of your ethical heart. Option 1: For those struggling to make ends meet. Course access will be limited to one month. Option 2: For those covering their bills each month. Course access will be unlimited. Option 3: For those currently profiting off their business and/or looking to pay-it-forward. Course access will be unlimited and each purchase will allow course access to a struggling, deserving individual. There will never be judgement made for your choice. I simply ask you choose honestly and respectfully.
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Mallory Rowan
Mallory Rowan

Mallory grew a global six-figure business and it almost killed her. Today, she helps entrepreneurs build without burning out. From large corporations to solopreneurs, she helps people zero in on how to grow their brand in a way that works, and feels really good. She has been featured as a Shopify Master, a Faces Entrepreneur of the Year nominee, a lululemon ambassador, and one of United Way’s “People to Know”.